Our Mission Is Delivering Health & Prosperity

Shubam Oils is a leading Indian integrated edible oil company with a large base of ever growing consumers. The company has over a period of two decades built a strong brand reputation and emotional connect with consumers for “Delivering Health & Prosperity” through its consumer brands and products.

Our single minded mission of “Delivering Health & Prosperity” is driven by our belief that consumers need the best – pure and unadulterated edible oil as a cooking and health medium. This ensures that all the health properties of rich edible oils like mustard, palm and soybean are enjoyed and consumed by families. A healthy dietary pattern and intake of traditional oils like mustard oil helps in a healthy mind and body.

Shubam Oils, we will not do anything which does not result in “Delivering Health & Prosperity”.

Thus, our mission is to ensure that be it people, process and products or investors, vendors & partners and society as a whole, we will deliver the best value proposition as per global standards and international benchmarking. Thus “Delivering Health & Prosperity” in each and every field.